Location of Imperial Fine Accommodation


88 Oxide Street
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Welcome to Broken Hill and the inspirational outback! Broken Hill is located on the Barrier Ranges in the far west of NSW, just 48 km from the South Australian border. ”The Silver City” has always been associated with silver, lead and zinc mining. Many of the streets are named after metals, minerals and compounds.

Film-makers and artists have been drawn to the vibrant earthy colours and magical light of the Broken Hill landscape for decades and it’s waiting here for you too.

Broken Hill is truly the Accessible Outback! Served by commercial flights daily from Sydney (direct and via Dubbo) and Adelaide, The Indian Pacific train three days a week ex Sydney en route to and from Perth, daily CountryLink coaches, and two highways (the Barrier and Silver City Highways), getting here is literally a matter of planes, trains or automobiles! Once you hit town, The Imperial is north along Oxide Street (corner of Cobalt Street): within walking distance of the railway line and Broken Hill’s main shopping strip, Argent Street.

A vibrant community of 17,730 people, Broken Hill is on Central Standard Time, has an average rainfall of less than 250mm annually; summer temps reaching 40+°C, and winter is glorious sunny days and cold nights.

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