The Imperial Fine Accommodation, Broken Hill, Outback NSW, Australia

Broken Hill Attractions

When it’s time for you to explore Broken Hill and the area, there are so many things to see and do.

  • Visit the first Regional Art Gallery in Australia.
  • See as many of the 30+ other art galleries as you can.
  • Join a personally guided walking tour from the Visitor Information Centre
  • Learn about the local history and geological history at one of the many centres and museums.
  • View The Big Picture and buy jewellery made from Broken Hill-mined silver
  • Choose between a spider and a milkshake at a genuine 1950’s iconic milk bar where they even make their own syrups and cordials.
  • Study the many outstanding heritage buildings which have been listed by the National Trust.
  • Be intrigued by the use of corrugated iron in the houses around town.
  • Eavesdrop on lessons at the School of the Air
  • Pay a visit to the Royal Flying Doctor base
  • Watch the sunset at the Sculptures or check out the curvature of the earth at Mundi Mundi lookout.
  • Practise your photographic skills or paint or draw what you see and feel
  • Play two-up at a local club
  • Go for a camel ride
  • Check out Silverton
  • Take a tour down a silver mine
  • Deliver the mail on the bush mail tour
  • Explore one of the three nearby National Parks
  • Join a tour around town or into the surrounding areas

The list just goes on and on!

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